Debt Consolidation For Payday Loans And Credit Cards

How to Consolidate Your Debts

How to Consolidate Your Debts

Debt consolidation for payday loans and credit cards is a good way to get back on your feet. The first thing you should realize about debt consolidation is that it will consolidate your debt, but it will not solve your debt problem.


In fact, the initial things that are usually done are shopping around for a loan, so that you can get out of the red, and when that is completed you are usually offered a consolidation loan to pay off the previous loans. However, they may take several months before you see results.

Debt Consolidation For Payday Loans And Credit Cards

Debt Consolidation For Payday Loans And Credit Cards

What usually happens with debt consolidation for payday loans and credit cards is that you are given a consolidation loan to pay off your credit cards and your payday loans. They have a lower interest rate than your credit cards, so it works out better for you in the long run. However, there are some drawbacks.


The first downside is that the interest rate is usually a lot higher than the normal interest rate. This means that you will end up paying more over the life of the loan. Additionally, the consolidation companies will tell you that the short-term loan will solve your debt problems.


However, this is not true because these loans are just used to get you into debt in the first place, and when they are paid off you still owe the interest. It is important to realize that you are taking out the loan to try to solve your problems, but if you cannot do it then you will still be in debt.

What consolidation companies do?

What consolidation companies do?

Another thing to realize is that the consolidation companies are going to take control of all of your accounts, and you will not be able to make any payments to these companies for another year or so. So, you really want to get into debt as soon as possible to avoid the fees.


You can get a consolidation loan, but make sure that you do your research and find the right company to help you. Not all companies are right for you, and if you have any questions then you need to find a debt consolidation specialist.


The best thing to do is to find a debt consolidation specialist who has a local office. They are going to know everything there is to know about debt consolidation.


You also want to find a company that is recognized as a debt consolidation agency by the Federal Trade Commission. If they have the recognition, it means that they are willing to work with consumers, and that they have good ethics.


Make sure that you don’t need to pay a deposit. You will be asked to sign a contract, and that you will be accountable for the money you borrow.

What if I have a bad credit? Can I consolidate?

What if I have a bad credit? Can I consolidate?

If you get a consolidation specialist who offers bad credit consolidation, then make sure that they have all of your credit information in order to work with you to improve your score. It may be necessary to take out a second mortgage to help pay for the debt consolidation.


You need to do your homework, and you want to make sure that you do not waste your time and money to do debt consolidation for payday loans and credit cards. That is why it is important to do your research, and find the right companies for you.

Where Can I Get the Best Rate Personal Loans?

You will find a lot of places where you can get the best rate personal loans. However, you have to make sure that you choose the best company for your purpose.

You can easily compare and choose between the lenders that offer personal loans at competitive rates. There are many factors to consider when comparing different companies. These are the following:


Do you have the financial needs that they can provide?

financial loans

The people who have a low credit score or poor credit history will have to go for a more expensive loan. Some of the companies that you can choose are:

It is much easier to get the best rate personal loans if you have the right information. If you don’t know how to tell the difference between the good and the bad companies, the best option is to get the lowest quote from each company.

Debt-Consolidation does not mean bankruptcy. Many people opt for this option, because it is better than getting into a situation where they cannot pay their loans. However, it is a short-term solution that allows you to keep a portion of your debt as long as you are capable of paying it back.


Always remember that debt-consolidation does not eliminate your debts

personal loans

Rather, it reduces your debt in order to make it easier for you to pay back what you owe. If you have taken out debt consolidation loans, your credit rating should be at least good. You can get your credit report from any of the three major credit bureaus, Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. You should check out your credit report for inaccuracies that may be keeping you from getting the best deal possible.

After you have assessed your credit score, it is time to analyze the different types of personal loans that are available to you. Keep in mind that there are good and bad companies that offer them.

If you are looking for a short term solution to consolidate debt and reduce your monthly payment, the best option is to get a personal loan. This way, you can consolidate all of your debts, but keep the minimum payments for a longer period of time.

To ensure that you don’t overextend yourself, make sure that you have enough money to cover the full amount of your loans and that you can make the payments on time. If you do not have enough money to cover the full amount of your loans, it would be better to opt for debt-consolidation.


Consider doing extra work for extra cash

money loans

If you are looking for some extra cash, you can consider doing some extra work, and therefore, having to make regular financial obligations. With debt-consolidation, you will only have to make the interest payments every month, and you will not have to worry about other bills.

If you want to get debt-consolidation, try doing some research online before making any commitments. You can also speak to a debt counselor to determine whether or not it is the best option for you.

Online Credit Calculator – Calculate Credit Now

Fixed rate loans, auto loans, loans with a registered lien or should it just be an installment loan. The range of financing options is as diverse as never before. This makes it difficult for consumers to choose the right loan product. Solve this problem, resourceful developers invented the loan calculator. This tool allows quick selection of loans by filtering all offers on the market. This service is also offered free of charge and can be done conveniently and anonymously from home. Because of all these advantages, every private borrower should use a calculator before applying. To ensure that the full potential of this instrument is used to the full, this manual provides some important information. These tips are designed to help you find the right loan on the best terms.


How does a loan calculator work?

loan calculator work?

Without first going into detail about the operation, we first discuss the principle according to which such a computer works. This knowledge helps with later entries. Basically, the software of the credit calculator checks the user’s input. This information regarding the loan amount, purpose or monthly repayment rates serves the criteria for the filter. In this first step, all loan offers that correspond to a different purpose or whose maximum amount is below the desired loan are sorted out.

All remaining offers are then sorted in descending order according to their effective interest, so that the best offer immediately catches the eye. In addition to the loans shown, further information is presented that can be important for a first decision. An important example of such a criterion would be the award-dependent or non-credit-related award, which is very important in a direct comparison. In the former case, the personal offer could change. In addition, the loan calculator offers the possibility to jump immediately to the application of the potential lender.


How is a loan calculator operated?

loan calculator

The principle of how it works can easily be concluded from the operation of this instrument. Basically, it is about the following entries:

  • loan amount
  • Term or monthly repayment rate
  • Usage
  • Type of interest


What should be considered when considering the loan amount?

loan amount?

The question of the amount of the loan depends primarily on your own needs. A certain car has its price and a debt rescheduling simply requires a certain amount. However, when using the calculator, the potential borrower should keep in mind that different loan amounts can lead to different results in interest rates. To determine this, just play a little with the height. Even a bank can offer two different interest rates on two loan amounts.


What amount of credit can I afford?

What amount of credit can I afford?

This question decides indirectly about the duration or the monthly repayment. The rates have to fit into the monthly household budget, without the term being extremely stretched. The car loan example shows the necessary way of thinking very clearly. If a car loan with a term of 10 years is taken out, but the car is only driven for 6 years, then the car would have to be paid for 4 years longer than it is used. This is never a good prospect.

An honest financial plan should therefore be drawn up before applying for a loan. This makes it clear which installments and thus what loan amount are possible. The lender could ask for such a plan later anyway and then he is ready.


What should be considered when using the device?

credit loans

This information can be of great importance or absolutely unnecessary. It can be assumed that as the amount of the loan grows, it will become increasingly important to specify the purpose for which it will be used. With a loan of over 5,000 dollars, hardly anyone will be interested in how the capital is used. This corresponds to a typical consumer loan or small loan.

With a loan of 30,000 dollars for a car loan or 80,000 dollars for a mortgage loan, the risk of “moral hazard” increases. In these cases, the lender wants to know exactly what the money is being used for. In return for this knowledge, however, more favorable conditions are often granted, since the “moral hazard” is a risk that is reduced by the announcement of the use.


What needs to be considered when paying interest?

This point is queried by every loan calculator, although the decision is rather difficult for laypersons. Will the key interest rate level change in the next few years? A normal consumer cannot answer this question. We therefore recommend starting the search with variable interest rates and making a comparison. The providers who are one step ahead with variable interest rates usually have this also with fixed interest rates.

Loan Application Negative Results Read This Post

Does your loan application always end up negative? Can’t you just get the money you want from banks? Then contact us as soon as possible. Let us help you with a positive outcome of your loan application. All banks expect you to meet certain criteria for lending. For the positive results of your loan applications; You need to have a regular salary, pay your SSK on time, clean your credit history, have no mortgaged property, and perhaps find a surety.

Unfortunately, everyone who owes money cannot have all of these features. Therefore, when they apply for loans to banks, this results in negative results. People who seek debt then go on to seek out emergency lenders. In this way, trying to make money with illegal methods never results positively.

You no longer want to search for urgent lenders

You no longer want to search for urgent lenders

All you have to do is log in to our website in a few clicks and fill out the application form on the homepage. Thus, in a short time, you will be able to easily get the loan in the amount you want and in the maturities you want. In this way, all of your debts will be closed in a short time.

There is no need to depress yourself into sleepless nights anymore. The process you need to do is also quite simple. It is only to fill in the application form on the homepage of our website. Do not waste time anymore, log in to our site immediately. You can apply to our company with confidence and trust.

You will be able to get your credit in completely legal ways

You will be able to get your credit in completely legal ways

Our company will direct you correctly with its professional employees in a short time. You will be able to get your credit in completely legal ways. With the support of our company’s professional employees, your credit history will be cleared in a short time. Anything that prevents you from getting credit will be eliminated. In this way, you will have as much money as you want in a short time. For all this to happen, you must first fill out the application form on our website.

Our company employees will contact you shortly after completing the application form. In this way, you will have made a start so that you can get the amount of credit you want. We are a company that works completely for your satisfaction. Log in to our company’s website as soon as possible and make your application.

Increase credit bureau – free loan | When can it be useful?


Anyone who has a negative Credit Bureau is not necessarily a welcome customer at the banks and savings banks in our country. Especially not if he wants to take out a loan. Because through the negative Credit Bureau that he brings with him, he is not creditworthy in their eyes and the default risk around the loan is much too high. The banks therefore refuse to grant a loan under such conditions.

Anyone who wants to benefit from a Credit Bureau-free loan in spite of all this has to stretch mightily. Either a very good second borrower has to be found who, with his solvent appearance, makes it possible to borrow from one of the traditional banks. Or else, going abroad must be dared, where loans are generally granted without asking Credit Bureau. Both steps must be carefully considered, since they – each in their own unique way – bring with them sufficient uncertainties. Because whoever has a negative Credit Bureau has debts. And in this phase of life, getting even more debt by taking out a loan is always a risky business.

However, if you get along well and the negative entry in Credit Bureau was just a slip that has already been cleared up, you will hardly have any problems paying a loan without Credit Bureau. It is not uncommon for the desire to want to increase the Credit Bureau-free loan. If it comes from abroad, it is usually just a small loan that offers little financial leeway. But how easy is it to get a Credit Bureau-free loan? And what needs to be considered?

When can an increase be useful?

When can an increase be useful?

It is actually very easy to top up a loan. You go to the bank and ask for an increase in the loan amount. If this does not work, another loan is simply taken out.

It looks a bit different if you want to top up a Credit Bureau-free loan. Then somehow the query of the Credit Bureau has to be avoided again. If the loan was taken out with the help of a second borrower from one of the traditional banks, it must also be ensured that the second borrower is also involved when the amount is increased. Otherwise, the bank will not want to change anything in the loan agreement due to the negative Credit Bureau.

However, if the current loan was a foreign loan that is now to be supplemented with the Credit Bureau-free loan, it must be expected that this will not work. Foreign banks usually only give small loans to customers from other countries, because they too are looking for collateral when lending and only lend the money that can actually be repaid. As a rule, an increase does not work. A second loan from the same bank is also not possible.

However, a foreign loan from another bank would be feasible. Again, only in the form of a small loan. But this is still better than no additional financial support at all. Since no Credit Bureau data is requested for Credit Bureau-free credit, the credit is not entered in Credit Bureau either. The banks therefore do not know that a credit agreement already exists elsewhere.

Attention must be paid to this

Attention must be paid to this

Before a Credit Bureau-free loan is topped up, it should be checked whether there is enough money to pay the loan. If an account is already seized, the money from the loan must be paid out to another account than the account that is debited. Otherwise, the money from the loan flows directly into the garnishment and cannot be spent on the things that were actually planned with it. In addition, it must be borne in mind that even Credit Bureau-free loans require collateral. A fixed income must therefore at least be available.

Loan term | How short should it be?

For most banks, the interest on a loan is based not only on the creditworthiness of the borrower, but also on the term of the loan. The longer the repayment takes, the more expensive the loan becomes. So the simple formula.

For this reason, it is important for every borrower to choose the shortest possible terms in order not to make the loan unnecessarily expensive. We have summarized here how you can determine the appropriate term for loans and what you should definitely consider when determining the term.

Why are interest rates rising?

Why are interest rates rising?

When lending, banks and savings banks always strive to keep the default risk associated with a loan as low as possible. If the borrower can no longer pay the installments, the bank will not get their money back and will lose the loan agreement.

The default risk increases with each month that the borrower takes longer to repay the loan. Because nobody can predict exactly whether the conditions of the borrower, i.e. the creditworthiness, deteriorate during the repayment or whether it remains stable. The job can be lost or a serious illness can lead to complete inability to work. There may also be other financial problems that no one can predict and that will suddenly make the monthly loan rate unmanageable.

Therefore, banks are always interested in their customers choosing loans that have a short term. With a small loan, you are always a better customer for the bank than with a large real estate loan. Even if this brings in significantly more interest due to the longer term.

How short should the loan term be?

In most cases, the term of a loan can be determined individually by the borrower. So you have a say in how long you want to pay your debt to the bank. How long or short this period is depends on your solvency. If there is still a lot of money left over from your income after all expenses have been deducted, you can afford a larger loan rate and repay the loan in a shorter amount of time than with a somewhat narrower budget statement. It is therefore important to calculate and calculate in advance in order to find the best solution.

Tip: If you only choose a very short term because your credit rating is not optimal and the interest rates are therefore already high, then you should rather add a co-applicant than to set the term too short. A good co-applicant will improve your credit rating and lower the interest rate. An experiment with the runtime is then no longer necessary.

A comparison helps

Since the term of a loan can vary considerably and since various factors can have a positive or negative effect on the term of the loan, we recommend that you make a detailed comparison of various offers before taking out the loan. With the help of the comparison, you can not only check which creditworthiness or solvency you bring with you. You can also check how the term of a loan affects the cost of the loan and what options you have with your requirements for borrowing.

Always keep in mind that a loan should only be taken out if you can really afford it. Do not take too much risk and plan so that there is still enough air for other projects. Otherwise, the credit quickly becomes a burden and the joy in the things that have been put into practice has vanished quite quickly.

Mortgage loan or line of credit?

Some people say that the mortgage line of credit is practically a miraculous product. Others denounce a mechanism that encourages over-indebtedness and financial distress. Who to believe?


What is the mortgage line of credit?

What is the mortgage line of credit?

A mortgage line of credit gives you access to financing that can represent up to 65% of the market value of your property. In return, we re q uire that you put it as collateral.

Once the margin is granted, you use it as you wish. There is no restriction on the type of expense. You can just pay off the interest or the margin all at once. There is no due date, no amortization, no full repayment penalty. The margin is available as long as you keep your property.




Just like a traditional mortgage, you have to go to the notary to contract a margin, but you don’t have to go back to increase the amount if you want to do renovations. Save up to $ 1,000.

Significantly, it generally offers a more advantageous interest rate than that of margins and personal loans.

The mortgage margin also allows you to consolidate your debts yourself by using it to pay off credit card balances and other financing. You can even buy an automobile. You can negotiate a price reduction or re q uest more options.

On the other hand, if you expect to receive a large sum, you can use it to reimburse the margin at once without paying a penalty.




The mortgage line of credit re q uires a lot of discipline. Since the margin does not impose constraints on capital, the nature of the purchases or the maturity, many use their property as an ATM and go into debt up to their necks. Many bankruptcy trustees deplore the phenomenon.

If you’re having trouble restricting your credit card purchases or having trouble keeping up with your personal finances, use a traditional mortgage. Ditto for those who are nervous about the evolution of the economy and interest rates, because the mortgage line of credit always displays a variable rate.

Finally, if you just pay off interest over a long period of time, the margin will end up costing you more than a mortgage, even if the mortgage rate is higher. It always pays to pay off your mortgage the q uickly the possible.

Finally, note that a lender grants a loan more easily than a mortgage margin.

To remember

  • With a mortgage line, you have access to credit that can represent up to 65% of the market value of your property.
  • There is no due date, no amortization, no full repayment penalty.
  • The margin offers many advantages, but re q uires greater rigor and discipline to avoid going into too much debt.

Credit from business evaluator

Most banks have a problem with lending to a self-employed person. In contrast to employees subject to social security contributions, monthly income is not guaranteed. It is subject to fluctuations and can also be seasonal, depending on the industry. Before the banks granted a loan to a self-employed person, they checked their business analysis, or BWA for short.

What is a BWA?

What is a BWA?

The BWA is a business evaluation that provides information about the company’s financial situation as it is currently. Here the income and expenditure are compared so that the bank can see whether the company is successful or not. But for a loan with BWA, the bank also needs the bank statements of the past few months. In addition, the creditworthiness is also checked at Credit Bureau. If everything looks promising, it could work with a loan.

Internet Banking

Internet Banking

Because the branch banks are least willing to take out a BWA loan, it is worth taking a look at the Internet. Here, banks also lend to self-employed and freelance workers. Before doing so, however, all offers should be compared well, because there are differences in interest rates and the remaining conditions. A loan with BWA is already somewhat more expensive than a conventional installment loan. It is therefore worthwhile to make a direct comparison using the online search engines.

Peer to peer

Peer to peer

There is also support for the self-employed in the peer-to-peer sector. The private investors are happy to grant a loan with BWA, because they know the needs of the self-employed and know how difficult it is for them to get a loan. In the past, there have been many successful loans, including to self-employed people.

The Swiss loan

The Swiss loan

A Swiss loan cannot be arranged. The loan seeker can save an inquiry because a Swiss loan cannot be applied for by the self-employed. The foreign banks only accept dependent employees. This is due to the income risk for the self-employed. The income of a self-employed person can be seized within the legally prescribed allowances. The problem with self-employed people is that it is never certain what their monthly income is. A loan from abroad is therefore simply impossible.

Seniors also benefit from the sharp drop in mortgage loan rates.

Rates around 1% for mortgage loans over 15 years or less

Rates around 1% for mortgage loans over 15 years or less

The drop in credit rates is an opportunity to afford real estate at a lower cost. Indeed, this indicator is what constitutes, in part, the price to be paid following a financing agreement from a banking establishment. During the month of May, lenders were making offers of housing loans with an average interest rate of 1.29% regardless of the duration defined. A record threshold that had never been reached before since the previous lowest rate was 1.33% in November 2016.

And the rates granted can be even lower depending on the repayment tenure determined. The shorter the years, the lower the cost of credit too. Concretely, the average rate over 25 years is 1.42% whereas it decreases clearly to 1.20% over 20 years and it even manages to get closer to below 1% over 15 years with 1.02%. For borrowers who receive high income and who hold assets, it would be interesting to favor a shorter repayment period in order to benefit from a better mortgage interest rate.

Loan insurance can drive up the cost of credit

Loan insurance can drive up the cost of credit

Due to a more advanced age and a heritage which has sometimes had time to accumulate, the elderly are a type of borrower who often turns to shorter credit periods. In this case, they are fully eligible for the lowest rates and the banks have no real fear of lending them. Indeed, seniors earn fixed incomes and their financial situation is less subject to change than an active worker.

Now, banks are protecting themselves from the risk of non-payment by asking for loan insurance. It comes to guarantee the amount of the mortgage in the event of death during the amortization phase of the borrower. If it is not legally binding, the banks condition a financing agreement if the loan is accompanied by such cover. This requirement is all the more real for retirees who are more exposed to the risk of premature death. If the short repayment periods selected by the seniors will make them benefit from extremely low rates, they will therefore have to be vigilant with regard to the cost of borrower insurance since the premium is much higher than for the youngest.

Find a better guarantee with the loan insurance delegation

If the cover offer previously signed does not meet expectations in terms of conditions and cost, a senior may apply for delegation of borrower insurance by proceeding two months before the anniversary date of the edition of the loan offer. During this period, it is advisable to make several insurance quotes in order to identify the best coverage offer. The bank cannot refuse a delegation, but the borrower must nonetheless bring in minimum conditions similar to the initial contract.

Banks Offering Free Credit Cards (Instant Approval)

One of the issues that credit card consumers complain about the most is the shopping interest rate, delay interest, maturity difference, etc. In addition to costs, banks require credit card usage fees. Upon the increase of complaints about this issue, BRSA has been included in the issue and has put some regulations into effect.

After these arrangements, it was possible for consumers to use credit cards without dues and even the right to appeal if the card dues were received. Therefore, it will be useful to mention the banks that issue inexpensive credit cards and various features of these cards.

Free Credit Cards

Consumers are not obliged to pay any dues due to their card usage within the scope of the credit card without charge. Similar to other credit cards, shopping installment, earning points, etc. It is also one of the card features, but it is also possible to not participate in some campaigns organized on the card.

Therefore, it is important that consumers who want to use a credit card free of charge ask their banks what opportunities they will have if they pay at least once. Because some banks can undertake to cover even interesting expenses such as free locksmith service twice a year if the card fee is paid.

Good Credit Free Card

Good Credit Free Card

Good Credit Free Card is one of the most frequently used inexpensive credit cards. Thanks to the Free Card, where no card fees are requested, it is possible to install all expenses, use cash advances and earn points from the expenditures made.

Thanks to the cash-enabled Free card, you can install your expenses with low-interest installments, postpone your statement debt, install all your debt payments, simultaneously access all your expenses with e-statement facility, request a foreign currency statement, pay an invoice or remittance. You can make payments such as SGK premium payments.

Thanks to the cash free card, it is possible to participate in various campaigns. Various active campaigns of Free Kart, which attract the attention of consumers with its frequently updated campaign list, are as follows:

  • With the cash-enabled Free card, you have the opportunity to earn 15 USD chip money for 1 new automatic payment order, 50 USD for 3 new automatic payment orders, and 100 USD for 6 or more invoice orders.
  • Within the scope of the Beymen campaign, which only Free cardholders can participate, you have the opportunity to earn 200 USD chip money for purchases of USD 2,000 and above through physical pos devices in Beymen stores.
  • If you buy at least 125 USD of fuel 4 times from cash member Shell stations, you have the opportunity to earn up to 40 USD of chip money.
  • Within the scope of this campaign, which is organized exclusively for cash Free cardholders, you can take advantage of up to 9 months of installments for your expenses from Tatilsepeti, you will have 3 additional installments for expenses that can be made in 6 installments under normal conditions.
  • You have the opportunity to earn 15 USD chip money for 75 USD and above spending from Watsons stores.

Is Credit Card Fee Compulsory?

Is Credit Card Fee Compulsory?

Paying credit card fees has been made obligatory after the BRSA regulation in October 2014. With this regulation, it has become imperative that consumers have a credit card without dues if they apply to their banks.

In other words, if he applies to a consumer bank and states that he wants to use a credit card without paying for the card fee, the bank is obliged to offer a product alternative to this consumer. Consumers cannot be compelled to pay cards, but it is up to the banks to decide what kind of features they will have.

In addition, card fees cannot be requested for virtual credit cards, for credit cards that have never been used, or for credit cards that have never been used within the past 6 months before the card fee will be reflected.

You can find more alternative information by reading our article on Credit Card Rights (Which Banks Offer No Cards).