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What is Social Login? – Definition of

Social Login is a single sign-on (SSO) technology that allows users to authenticate to various applications and sites by logging in through a social media site rather than entering a separate username and password on each site. website.

The sites most commonly associated with social login are Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, and Twitter. When the user visits a site that offers social connections, he has the option of registering, logging in with his usual username and password or via a widget or a plug-in that connects the site to the platform. – social form of his choice. Standards used to exchange social login information include OpenID Connect and OAuth.

Basic user information is shared, which often means there is no need to register separately on the site. If the user’s account on the social site is configured for automatic login, he does not need to enter a username and password at all on the new site. The ability to access social data also makes it easier for users to share information between sites and for site owners and marketers to personalize content and offers.

Social login is convenient for users, but it is not considered a secure type of authentication and should never be used for a site that has sensitive information associated with it. The method also has implications for user privacy because people typically share personal information there that may not be appropriate for other sites.

Gigya provides a brief introduction to social login:

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