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How to Create an Elevator Pitch with Examples

Wondering how to create an uplifting pitch? What does it mean? And how to use it effectively?

Everyone has an elevator pitch, that short pitch they give to a potential customer when trying to sell them something.

However, with the help of this article, you will learn how to write an elevator pitch, taking what is already familiar to create your own elevator pitch that will not only be highly informative but also memorable. Would you like to look at some examples which we will discuss below or get started by picking up one of these resources below and let me know how yours turns out!

Elevator Pitch Meaning and how to create one?

A pitch or elevator speech is a short introduction or summary of who you are, what you do, and why someone should care. It’s also known as a sales pitch, presentation, or sales pitch.

When pitching your idea to investors, partners, clients, etc., you should always remember that they don’t care about your background, experience, or expertise. They only care about their problem and how you can solve it.

An elevator pitch is a great way to effectively communicate your ideas. It lets you focus on the key points without wasting time on the details. If you’re looking to raise capital, you’ll want to practice this skill as well.

An elevator pitch can help you effectively share your ideas with investors or clients.

How to Write an Elevator Pitch: Proven Tips

Wondering what to include in an elevator pitch? Your elevator pitch should always be short and sweet. Most people only stay until they hear the last two sentences. To help you avoid this fate, here are some proven tips for crafting a winning pitch:

To know itself

If you’re looking for how to create an elevator pitch that convinces a client, you must first understand yourself. The easiest way to create a memorable pitch is to write one for yourself. It may sound strange, but every presentation you make should reflect who you are. The same should apply to your elevator pitch. In other words, you need to tailor your presentation to the audience you are addressing. As a general rule, never use generic elevator pitches – these tend to sound boring.

Think like a screenwriter

This trick could take you back to the days when you had to read aloud in front of an audience. Try to think like a screenwriter when preparing to deliver an effective elevator pitch. Keep it simple. Don’t wander. Make sure the message is clear and concise. Think about the order of events in your pitch. What information should come first? Second? Third? Finally?

be precise

What’s more powerful than hearing yourself speak for the first time? Answer the question “Who are you?” You’ll probably look stupid if you end up rambling incoherently on generalities rather than specifics. For example, don’t say, “We’re a well-respected IT company,” unless you have solid proof of that claim. Instead, focus on a specific area (eg, our cutting-edge virtual reality software) and back your claim with evidence (eg, we recently won a prestigious government contract).

Elevator Pitch Examples

Elevator Pitch Example #01

Salvation! Please consider me as your potential new business partner. I have over five years of industry experience and can provide valuable insights that will help you achieve your goals. My rates are very reasonable, and I work quickly so you don’t have to wait long before you start seeing results. Call me or send me an e-mail if you want more information.

Elevator Pitch Example #02

I thought it was high time to introduce myself as your personal brand advisor. I know what kind of person you are looking for – someone who is honest, trustworthy and reliable. So let’s talk about you — your interests/hobbies, aspirations, etc. And after reviewing all this data, I will recommend a strategy that best suits your needs. You won’t regret it because my service is offered at a very affordable price!

Elevator Pitch Example #03

My name is lisa. I understand how difficult things can be when trying to market your product or service. That’s why I offer my clients a complete set of products and services that includes everything from website design to SEO to social media marketing. Contact me now for a free consultation!

Elevator Pitch Example #04

Let me ask you something. Do you really think a fancy website, logo, and brochure will help you attract more customers or generate leads? Or do you want to attract top talent and land bigger deals by branding yourself as a company that puts people first? There must be some truth to this, as businesses around the world are investing millions in their online promotion. So what are you saying? Why not become one of them? Call me now, and we’ll see where this leads.

You have now learned how to create an elevator pitch; if all goes well, you should never underestimate the positive impact a strong elevator speech can have on your career. So think back to when you didn’t know what else to say when your friends stopped by and asked about your work. Or remember being introduced to someone new, only to find you had no idea what they were doing. I hope you now have some ideas on how to create an elevator pitch. But don’t worry, there’s so much more to learn!