Increase credit bureau – free loan | When can it be useful?


Anyone who has a negative Credit Bureau is not necessarily a welcome customer at the banks and savings banks in our country. Especially not if he wants to take out a loan. Because through the negative Credit Bureau that he brings with him, he is not creditworthy in their eyes and the default risk around the loan is much too high. The banks therefore refuse to grant a loan under such conditions.

Anyone who wants to benefit from a Credit Bureau-free loan in spite of all this has to stretch mightily. Either a very good second borrower has to be found who, with his solvent appearance, makes it possible to borrow from one of the traditional banks. Or else, going abroad must be dared, where loans are generally granted without asking Credit Bureau. Both steps must be carefully considered, since they – each in their own unique way – bring with them sufficient uncertainties. Because whoever has a negative Credit Bureau has debts. And in this phase of life, getting even more debt by taking out a loan is always a risky business.

However, if you get along well and the negative entry in Credit Bureau was just a slip that has already been cleared up, you will hardly have any problems paying a loan without Credit Bureau. It is not uncommon for the desire to want to increase the Credit Bureau-free loan. If it comes from abroad, it is usually just a small loan that offers little financial leeway. But how easy is it to get a Credit Bureau-free loan? And what needs to be considered?

When can an increase be useful?

When can an increase be useful?

It is actually very easy to top up a loan. You go to the bank and ask for an increase in the loan amount. If this does not work, another loan is simply taken out.

It looks a bit different if you want to top up a Credit Bureau-free loan. Then somehow the query of the Credit Bureau has to be avoided again. If the loan was taken out with the help of a second borrower from one of the traditional banks, it must also be ensured that the second borrower is also involved when the amount is increased. Otherwise, the bank will not want to change anything in the loan agreement due to the negative Credit Bureau.

However, if the current loan was a foreign loan that is now to be supplemented with the Credit Bureau-free loan, it must be expected that this will not work. Foreign banks usually only give small loans to customers from other countries, because they too are looking for collateral when lending and only lend the money that can actually be repaid. As a rule, an increase does not work. A second loan from the same bank is also not possible.

However, a foreign loan from another bank would be feasible. Again, only in the form of a small loan. But this is still better than no additional financial support at all. Since no Credit Bureau data is requested for Credit Bureau-free credit, the credit is not entered in Credit Bureau either. The banks therefore do not know that a credit agreement already exists elsewhere.

Attention must be paid to this

Attention must be paid to this

Before a Credit Bureau-free loan is topped up, it should be checked whether there is enough money to pay the loan. If an account is already seized, the money from the loan must be paid out to another account than the account that is debited. Otherwise, the money from the loan flows directly into the garnishment and cannot be spent on the things that were actually planned with it. In addition, it must be borne in mind that even Credit Bureau-free loans require collateral. A fixed income must therefore at least be available.

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